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Ford Powerstroke Diesel Performance Parts - Glissons

With the best in Ford Diesel performance, you are going to notice an instant difference in the ride of your truck. When you combine a superior powered cold intake air system, exhaust systems, and the right tuners for Ford Diesel performance, there are noticeable differences. Some of these will include from 4 to 10 miles more per gallon on fuel, up to 300 HP more power, or even an additional 400 pounds of torque, are all features you are going to get with the right parts.

The Cold Air Intake -
With an upgraded intake system, Ford Diesel performance trucks are going to generate additional output and power. By separating the cold air intake, from the hot engine, this will help keep the engine at the highest Ford Diesel performance possible on the road. By the internal combustion being charged, this will result in more power and also better on road performance for your Powerstroke. With more fuel being used in the engine, this will result in greater fuel savings while on the road.

Ford Diesel Performance chips, tuners, & modules -
These are the simplest and most necessary upgrades you can get. You will see a 35 % adjustment in torque power, and up to 150 HP. The fuel modules are also going to increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% on the road. When you get these upgrades, it allows your truck to avoid re-programming of the internal computer. We can do any upgrade you'd like, and you will get immediate response and improvement in power.

Ford Diesel performance exhaust systems -
With the larger exhaust, this means less stress on the engine, while putting out the same amount of exhaust. These systems are surely going to give you a noticeable upgrade in power and performance, without the wear and tear on your truck. Durability and fuel economy are the most noticeable upgrades you will see with the new exhaust system. Plus, if you have already added modules, diesel performance chips, and tuners, the new exhaust system is going to go a long way in giving you the added benefits you seek out as a truck owner. By controlling internal heat, the truck is going to work at its best capabilities, while exerting the least amount of effort.

Ford Diesel Performance from Glisson's -
Steve Glisson will always give his customers the best, and most affordable Ford Diesel performance parts on the market today. From turbo parts, from some of the biggest names in the industry, including: AFE, Banks Power, DiabloSport, and many others, you won't find better performance, for less, anywhere else.

With over 2500 after market upgrades for your Ford truck, owners are going to get instant improvement, power, more torque, fuel efficiency, and a more powerful drive, instantly. And, with Glissons, you are not going to find a better price, or better performance parts brands in the industry, no matter where you shop, for the parts you need to add in order to achieve maximum Ford diesel performance.